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Friday’s class

Question Focus:

The Civil Rights Movement was a successful movement without social media.


The class’ chosen questions to focus on:

What is a successful movement?

How did they communicate without social media?

Would the CRM have been successful at all if not for social media?


Malcolm Gladwell:

Why the Revolution will not be tweeted


Weekend social media for social good roundup

Weekend roundup

Social Media Campaigns to choose from

Egypt 2011

Tunisia 2011

Iran 2009 – the “Twitter Revolution”

Iran 2011

Breast Cancer awareness on Facebook

Troy Davis


Moldova 2009

Malcolm Gladwell – Why the Revolution won’t be tweeted

Gil Scott Heron

The Revolution will not be televised


Ideas for teaching social media to journalists

Social Media STatistics


Teaching with Social Media: Blogs, Wikis, YouTube, and Second Life

Some Statistics about the new “Two Cultures”: the Culture of Knowledge and the Culture of Information

  • 83% of adult respondents thought that a twelve-year-old knew more about the Internet than their elected representative in Congress (Zogby 2006)
  • 48% of all children six and under have used a computer, and 30% have played video games (Rideout, Vandewater, and Wartella 2003)
  • 55% of youth 12-17 use social networking sites (Pew 2007)
  • 57% of teens who use the Internet could be considered media creators (Pew 2005), a statistic that may be an undercount, because it does not factor in newer digital forms of expression or those that produce artifacts other than written texts (Jenkins/MacArthur 2006)
  • While engaged in an average of 2.7 simultaneous Internet Message conversations, 39% of surveyed college students were also writing academic essays while multitasking online (Baron 2006)
  • 71% of students at the University of Minnesota use Wikipedia; 28% cite it (Adams 2006)
  • 36% of students in a U.S./Canada study admit to “cut and paste” plagiarism of sources from the Internet (McCabe 2004)
  • 81% of faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences get digital resources from Google-type searches (Harley 2006)

Troy Davis and Social Media



Website to save Troy Davis:

What is the status now?


What role did Social Media play?


Is it a good thing for the media to get involved with court cases? Does it help or hurt the rights of the accused?