EBCHS Social Good Projects

Please see below for ways to help another program at EBCHS – a culinary training program.


Hi all!  My name is Elyse Wilson, and I teach at an alternative school serving over-age and under-credited young adults (ages 16-21) in a low-income, high need school district in Brooklyn.  I am starting a culinary program to teach the fundamentals of traditional french cooking, baking, discipline, and kitchen etiquette; skills that will directly translate to a potential career in the culinary arts. This will be the first after school arts program offered at our school and I can’t wait to give my students this incredible opportunity.  But I need your help!

I received a grant from donorschoose.org, which took care of the majority of supplies and appliances, but we still need uniforms (chefs coats, shoes, hats), cutting boards, and an array of knives (santuko, chefs knife, serrated, paring).  We will need enough supplies for 8 students who will be participating in this unique program.

If you or someone you know has access to these new or used items, please contact me ASAP at elyse.teach@ebchighschool.org.  In addition, if you have access to additional new or used kitchen items (utensils, mixing bowls, kitchen towels, timers, measuring cups, etc.), please contact me — the more that we have, the more students we will be able to share this opportunity with.  If you don’t have these items but would like to make a monetary donation, send me an email and I will give you details.  Our first meeting is on October 24th, and I would love to acquire these much needed supplies by then.

A bit about my students:

My students are inspiring, compassionate, hard-workers who have committed to getting their high school diploma.  Our transfer school is their second chance, and they are thrilled to be students again. They are also THRILLED to have the opportunity to learn new, applicable skills that they will be able to use both in their personal and professional lives.  Please consider donating to this program!

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