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Sample Post about Social Media event – class on Friday

Here is a sample post blogging about social media:

On Friday, October 8th in the 6th period elective class at EBCHS, Social Media for Social Good, students took a wild experimental ride to learn the power of social media for communication, ‘tattletaling’, ‘snitching,’ and holding teachers accountable. After watching and tweeting about the YouTube video of the UCLA student tasered by campus police in fall of 2006 [with over a million views], students did some ‘closer to home’ tweets after half the students were removed from the classroom. They came with me while two teachers moved in to fake a crackdown on a student who had supposedly stolen a teacher’s phone [a false scenario to which the offending student was alerted ahead of time]. The students outside the classroom (with laptops) had one mission only – find out what was going on in the classroom. Sure enough, students communicated the scene back and forth, even as the dean of students came in to further punish the offending student.

It was a fascinating test case on how information travels, and it also demonstrated to students how they can hold authority figures accountable for actions they take, when they can so easily spread a message. Next week we will go further into the question of who that kind of reporting can give power to as we look at some case studies around the world.